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Homeless teen to Army Vet to 7 figure founder


I took the long road to get where I am. After being homeless as a teen in Southern California, I graduated college and left the U.S. Army ready to light the world on fire. Like most successful entrepreneurs, the path took a bit longer than expected, but once I figured things out I grew my company Launchpeer from $30K in debt to 7 figures. Along the way I've helped hundreds of founders build and scale their businesses using lean marketing tactics and strategies.

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“Jake has a story and character you can't ignore. Couple that with his marketing & startup knowledge and you'd be crazy not to listen to him.”

— Andrew Warner, founder of


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I'm also the founder of Launchpeer, my primary business, where we help founders build, launch, and scale their startup through design and development services.

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After years of working with startups I started seeing a trend; many founders jump head first into costly design & development without first validating their idea. I started Codeless MVP to feature the coolest startups who launched without custom code.

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If you're looking to grow your business, or are feeling burned out from startup life and fatherhood, want to talk about building your own codeless MVP then let's chat. The easiest way to work with me is through a quick conversation. Shoot me an email at jake or DM me on Twitter @thejakehare.

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